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A site that was once home to a freeform RPG known as the Battle (casually taking place in Dragon Riders), but now kept for history's sake. Probably.
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 Shane Neumann

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PostSubject: Shane Neumann   Shane Neumann Icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 4:27 pm


Name: Shane
Surname: Neumann
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday: 25 February 1996
Race: Surfacian Inhuman
Class: Fighter
Weapon: Swords / Katanas
Alignment: Neutral-Chaotic
Friends: ????
Familiar: ????

Abilities: Shane can control ice, aura and lightning. Shane can create a force field that does nothing to his allies. Shane can regenerate his own energy over time, and sense energy signatures. Shane can use Limit Breaks. Shane has technopathy, allowing him to control technology. Shane can telepathically communicate with Kim, provided they are in some form of physical contact (like holding hands). Shane can summon his equipped weapons like Keyblades. Shane can create illusions. Shane can create afterimages. Shane can control anything in his and Kim's dream world. Shane can harm those who are immortal. Shane is immune to hypnotism. Using techniques from video games, anime, etc. will result in different things happening.

Disabilities: Shane can easily be sent flying. Healing magic does the opposite when cast on him, unless it's ice based. Fire does more damage to him. If Shane loses a battle, he gains a permanent scar that can't be removed, not even by magic. Shane has no control over his rage.

Team Techs:
With Kim : "Fusion Beam" (Frozenken + Pyroken); "Pyrofrozenken" (Frozenken + Pyroken)

Known Skills:
Ice Dart (5 MP)
Ice Beam ['Frozenken'] (20 MP)
Lightning Beam ['Sparkoken'] (20 MP)
Shadow Strike [Shane disappears into the ground for one turn. On the following turn, Shane appears and strikes the opponent from behind before returning to his original location.] (40 SMP)
Frozen Lightning Beam ['Frozensparkoken'] (40 MP)
Nuclear Bubble ['Kamehameha'] (60 MP)
Transposition [Shane switches places with Kim] (20 SMP)
Afterimage [Creates a copy of himself that takes an attack while Shane moves elsewhere] (40 SMP)
Chaosbane [Shane uses half of his SMP or MP whenever he uses any spell/skill for three turns] (60 SMP)

Limit Breaks:
Unarmed: NONE

Source Spells:

RPG Stats:


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Shane Neumann
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