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 The Fears of Shane "Bane" Neumann ("SBaneN")

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The Fears of Shane "Bane" Neumann ("SBaneN") Empty
PostThe Fears of Shane "Bane" Neumann ("SBaneN")

Some people wonder what my fears are.
So here they are.

NOTE: If anybody even THINKS about terrorizing me with them, I'll ban them so hard that they'll have to wait a full two weeks to return. I'm not kidding. I'm DEAD serious. I'm only posting this here so that people can't continuously PM me (like some people did at other forums). This applies only to members of these forums, the SCS Forums The Fears of Shane "Bane" Neumann ("SBaneN") 209922649 and the SCS Planning Forums The Fears of Shane "Bane" Neumann ("SBaneN") 209922649.

NOTE 2: Most of the names of the fears I found at Wikipedia, but who knows, maybe I invented one by accident?

(1) Dogs. I must have an aura that radiates "eat me!" or something. They keep trying to attack me for no good reason. I stand still, they attack me. Also, they send me into a suicidal depression. Worse, my parents don't care about me, they would rather get a dog. This was caused after a dog tried to kill me sometime in April 2012. In Cape Town.
(2) Birds. Getting bit in the stomach by a bird hurts. It even caused me to fall and bruise my knee sometime in April 2012, on the same day as the dog attack. Also in Cape Town.
(3) Handwear. Gloves give warmth, but I am not a person who enjoys warmth. I prefer coldness, since I am faster when I am cold than when I am warm... somehow. Sometimes combined with fears #4, #12 and #11. Had this fear since I was 5, apparently, as I can remember running and hiding under my bed whenever I saw someone wearing gloves, even on the television.
(4) Headwear. Mainly because most of my nightmares are where a person wearing a gas mask me you in unbelievably brutal ways almost *EVERY* single night. Often combined with fear #19. I had this fear since I was 5, and I didn't even know what it was. However, other headwear also terrifies me for some reason.
(5) Poison. It kills. It is usually combined with fear #11. This is how I died in my first nightmare ever.
(6) Mirrors. They have the habit of breaking when I look at it. Don't know why, because when I looked at the window, it didn't break. Maybe the mirror's glass is extremely weak to the gaze of somebody who knows 75 raised to the power of 6 or something? That's just me being sarcastic... but I had this fear since 2003, and I guess that means I fear my reflection?
(7) Insects. They try to eat me. Entomophobia is not a good thing. Why do they try to eat me? Because some bugs like biting people, and I was like 4 years old when I was first bitten by one. Since then I constantly believe that they want to eat me, so I either ask someone to smash them or I smash them using whatever nearby object I can find. Like a keyboard. Or a heavy monitor that is broken. Or a cat. Or even a pencil.
(8) Arachnids. Same as above. Arachnophobia is bad, but it's terribly terrifying. Eight legs are scary. Just posting anything related to an arachnid (like cartoon characters) will result in me leaving for who knows how long, such is my fear of it.
(9) Fire - I prefer coldness. Pyrophobia is bad as well. I was burnt to a crisp in a nightmare once.
(10) Elevators and lifts. They remind me of earthquakes. Poor Pokémon aren't allowed to use Earthquake! Also, cut the cables that allow it to go up/down and one will fall to death, I guess. Which was how I died in the first nightmare I had in 2013.
(11) Hospitals. Needles + real blood = fear of hospitals = nosocomephobia. Since March 2011, some time after I left school forever.
(12) Doctors/nurses. They use needles to draw blood. Thus they are also fears. This includes dentists or anyone in the medical profession. Dentophobia, pharmacophobia... I blame the hospitals for terrorizing me.
(13) Firearms. They kill almost instantly. Especially when combined with explosives. Hoplophobia, apparently. And they cause pain. Lots and lots of pain. This was my fifth nightmare-related death.
(14) Explosives. It's common in Cave Story too: the Missile Launcher. That and I hate it. A lot. I hate explosions too. Unless it's icy for some reason. My seventeenth death in my nightmares.
(15) Water. Cats don't like being in water, maybe this is connected to me and Simba being close. Either that, or because I can't swim (and never will).
(16) Needles. For some reason, I can feel the pain that it causes for two weeks. Blame hospitals for that. Fun fact: Trypanophobia is something that Goku from Dragon Ball Z has as well, and the fact that my hair sometimes looks as though I'm a Saiyan doesn't make matters any easier. The closest thing to a compliment I ever had was that I'm similar to Goku in many ways... but that's goin' off-topic now, right?
(17) Real blood. I feel nauseous seeing it. Makes it easier to actually hit me when I'm in one of my "fast-movement modes" - sometimes I am faster than usual for an unknown reason. Often combined with fears #16 and #12 and #11 and who knows what else. Fake blood, on the other hand, doesn't make me feel sick. I discovered this in April 2007, when I somehow managed to injure myself so bad that my entire right leg was full of blood. I got grounded for fifty weeks just because of it. Disproportionate? Definitely.
(18) Cameras. Every time somebody takes photos, there's a bright flash, and I become dizzy for a while, maybe even temporarily blinded or something, I dunno. Basically, it's ipovlopsychophobia. I have the fear of having my photograph taken. Since before 2003.
(19) Biohazard suits/HAZMAT suits. They look scary. That and they're usually worn by people who kill me in nightmares. Which means that it's combined with fear #4. And I have been killed by someone wearing it in my twentieth nightmare, who was helping the other killer kill me.
(20) Rust. Mainly because it can cause blood poisoning. Then it usually means doctors and hospitals and... No, I don't want to even go there.
(21) My Alter Ego. He tries to kill me. That and he already tried on 7 March 2011. And he destroys things. He's the definition of evil... I guess this is how I cope with my inability to control my anger?
(22) Clowns! Got killed by one in a nightmare I had WHEN I WAS FOUR. How I remember, I have NO idea. All I know is, I have coulrophobia. THE HORROR...
(23) Drowning. Seriously. See fear #15. Also, I can't swim.
(24) Sheep. Seeing a million decapitated heads trying to chase me to kill me... so full of blood... it hurts... I blame a grade 8 text book for Afrikaans.
(25) Love. Philophobia. I have a fear of love. What in blazes is wrong with me? Am I supposed to be dead by now with all these fears I have? ... To be perfectly honest, nobody I know loves me, everybody hates me. That's why I choose to be oblivious to it - because (1) I don't know what it is and (2) everybody hates me in my home town.
(26) Telephone phobia is the fear of making or taking phone calls. Which I have. It freaks me out and it started on 3 January 2004.
(27) Radiophobia... mostly involves... fear #11... and I hate X-Rays. I've never had one taken but regardless, it involves hospitals, and...
(28) Cars, trucks, etc. A car killed my first cat, Raichu, on 23 September 2003. Cars send me flying into a rage whenever mentioned. Although I have actually managed to use the anger caused from this to help me beat bosses from video games (like Bahamut and Baphomet from the remake of La-Mulana).
(29) Being around people - mainly because many people in Gansbaai tried to kill me, to my knowledge. Being near one or two people, that's okay, but more than that, and I start panicking.


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The Fears of Shane "Bane" Neumann ("SBaneN") :: Comments

Wow after reading this I am starting to remember my older fears and some I still have. I have about 4/5 of your fears, though I am starting to overcome my fear of Dogs.
Dude,I LOVE dogs Razz
I actually have a pet dog.

Try overcoming your fears Shane.
I tried, it failed every single time.

I fail at overcoming fears.
If you fail, there is only one way to it. Suicide.
This is also Shane.
Post on Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:37 am by SBaneN
That's what I'm going to do, actually.
Wow someone older than me actually listens to me.
That wasn't me, that was somebody who hacked my account at Mossmouth and the SCS Forums.

Can't believe it, this is like, the fifth or sixth time this year! Mad
I think you need to change your password or something. Or rather track the hacker's IP adress and go mess him up.
Tried to, but apparently, whoever hacked my account must have had some sort of IP reroute-thing, as it displays my IP.

And I've changed all my passwords that I can, they're all very long now (probably well over 60 characters at some forums).

I think somebody is spying on me or something, considering how the hacker can figure out how I would say things.
If you have anymore hacking problems, just PM me so I can help.
Lol whut?You are afraid of Clowns?

@v-I did not say it is dumb,and I did not mean anything like that too.

Last edited by Dr. Time on Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:16 pm; edited 1 time in total
Is it dumb to be afraid of clowns? No. I used to have a friend who was scared of clowns, but I didn't care.
I'm not saying it is dumb.It happens,I know.
@Dr. Time
I was scared of dogs for a while because of a tramautic experience when I was little

It helps to get a puppy like a baby puppy dog. Its impossible for them to hurt you and thyre really cute
Not really, when my mother got an Alsatian it kept throwing me off my chair.
Fear 29 added to the list.
Poor Shane Crying or Very sad

If, one day we meet in person, I will do everything I can to help you get over most of your fears.
That'd most likely end up in my death Dread
Nah, I promise it won't!
Worry more about convincing him that you're his friend as well as trying not to provoke him, Kim.

Also, worry about how are you going to get past his parents.

The Fears of Shane "Bane" Neumann ("SBaneN")

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