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 The Dragon Riders

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PostSubject: The Dragon Riders   The Dragon Riders Icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2012 3:29 pm

The Dragon Riders are a group of heroes who have manicles. In most variants, there are twelve Dragon Riders, whereas one variant has a thirteenth Dragon Rider (the Rainbow Rider). This variant only has twelve Dragon Riders.

The 12 Dragon Riders are:
- Shane Neumann (leader and Surfacian Super Inhuman - green)
- Kim Tyranto (leader and Draconian Super Inhuman princess - red)
- Henry Zenotron (king of Artia - blue)
- Taia Zenotron (queen of Artia - yellow)
- Louis Xenomass-Trent (Surfacian Inhuman raised on Jupiter - orange)
- Kira Xenomarch-Spencer (Surfacian Inhuman raised on Jupiter - pink)
- Roxas Swardt (part human, part Heartless from Destiny Islands - black)
- Claire Abbot (part Inhuman, part monster, part Heartless from Draconia - white)
- Chris Klingehandschuh (Surfacian human who has control over fire and ice - gold)
- Carrie Handschuhklinge (Surfacian Inhuman - grey)
- Jérèmy le Roux (Ciraian god - purple)
- Robyn Black (Ciraian goddess - sapphire blue)

It is easy to recognize a Dragon Rider, for they always wear mysterious armbands. An enchantment of the first Dragon Rider group prevented fake manicles from existing - and the manicles always chooses the wearer. These manicles can not be removed, except by dying of old age, in which case the manicles disappear for an unknown period of time, waiting for it's next wearer to surface. If the wearers die while there's at least one person related to one of them nearby, that person and another person will become their replacements, as in the case of the new Dragon Rider Prince and Princess of the LFE Battle.

The Dragon Rider Prince and Princess are both cursed by the manicles however, and trying to remove these curses will result in the death of the one trying to remove it - even immortal people can get killed by this. The Prince and Princess must never die. If the one dies, the other dies too. They can also communicate through telepathy, but they must be in physical contact like a handshake or something. They are also able to combine their elements to create massive damage, although the same thing applies. They are immune to most effects that involve their abilities (allowing them to use it just about anywhere they'd like) but they choose not to use it at times. They also can choose when they want to grow older on their birthdays, so if they turn 17, they can choose to stay 16 instead. They can also stop time, choosing who remains frozen and who aren't affected. There are more abilities that exist, that not even the first Riders knew of. Negating any of their positive (or negative) abilities that are related to the manicles will cause a coma-like state in any Dragon Rider. If they remain in this state for longer than a week, they will die. The same applies to their Nobodies, if they have any.

A duelist had a Time Wizard which helped in finding a lot of this information out. If anyone knows, then it may spell the end of the entire timeline and the entire Dragon Rider order, thus causing the future to get destroyed or entirely unrecognizable. That will not end well, too.

The Dragon Riders have a castle as well, although only Dragon Riders can enter. Anyone else who tries to enter will die, even those who are immortal (unlike the SCS Battle, where the immortal ones just get teleported back outside). The cause of death is very random as well - as a result people believe the castle to be a sentient being, despite the fact that it isn't. Here are the fates of the first ten people who had tried:
First person: electrocuted to death.
Second person: teleported into the sun.
Third person: drowned, was an immortal due to being the Sylraphian goddess of Archaeology.
Fourth person: turned into stone (petrified).
Fifth person: attacked by a Forum Ghost of all things, now lurking on the Dragon Rider forums on Draconia, randomly deleting posts and annoying even the staff members there.
Sixth person: teleported to Titari (a Draconian moon) and suffocated due to poisonous air.
Seventh person: crushed into dust by a giant statue.
Eighth person: shot to death by a squirrel launcher. Was the Draconian god of Ice, an immortal, until killed by the castle.
Ninth person: fell through a trap door into a gas chamber, and was executed with VX gas. Was the Clorensian goddess of Lightning and is now dead.
Tenth person: blown into smithereens by a nuclear explosion that didn't damage the terrain. Was immortal due to using the Seven Orbs of Shara to make a wish for immortality, is now dead.


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The Dragon Riders
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