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A site that was once home to a freeform RPG known as the Battle (casually taking place in Dragon Riders), but now kept for history's sake. Probably.
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 KarjamP's worlds

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KarjamP's worlds Empty
PostSubject: KarjamP's worlds   KarjamP's worlds Icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2012 2:08 pm

Karjam's Domain

A world so distant and different than the others that it's technically NOT a world from the Draconia universe.

This place is home to the Karjamians, a race of beings so advanced that they have technology that allows them to go anywhere they want to, even inside video games and movies.

KarjamP is at his most power here, as the God of the world, he is omnipotent as long as he's inside it.

The universe closest to Karjam's Domain is nicknamed RUI, and is another world made up by Author KarjamP.
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KarjamP's worlds
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