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 Battle Tournament Characters

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PostSubject: Battle Tournament Characters   Battle Tournament Characters Icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 1:01 pm

Each character is posted in a different thread (i.e. in my case, Shane, Kim, Sarah, Shaie, etc. all are in different threads instead of one thread).

Each member gets his/her own subforum if they participate. Their characters all get their own threads.

This is used for all party members who aren't familiars. It must follow this format, just quote the post and delete everything outside the red lines. Replace text in italics with your character's information.


Name: The character's name goes here.
Surname: The character's surname (last name) goes here.
Age: The character's age goes here. It will go up when it's the character's birthday.
Gender: The character's Gender goes here. If the character has none, then it's Genderless.
Birthday: The character's date of birth. Can be any format, i.e. 25/02/1996 or 1 Jun 1996 or even 1996/05/24.
Race: The character's race. Humans are common, but non-humans are also allowed. Such as elves. And dwarves. Those are merely a few examples. If the race belongs to a clan (like dwarves and orcs) the clan is mentioned in parentheses. An example would be this: "Orc (Blackrock Clan)".
Class: The character's class. Warriors, sorcerers, assassins, witches, ninjas, necromancers, and thieves are examples.
Weapon: The weaponry that the character is most skilled with. Twin knives, katanas, battle-axes, shuriken (throwing stars), and G-Cons are good examples.
Alignment: When RPG-style combat is triggered, this is important. Lawful characters do more damage at day than at night, whereas chaotic characters do more damage at night than at day. Neutral and Unaligned don't get a penalty or a bonus.
Friends: The friends the character knows. If it is "none" then the character has yet to get friends, or he doesn't know them.
Familiar: This is optional, depending on the character's backstory. Enter the familiar's name here. If multiple familiars are with the character, multiple names are allowed. However, each familiar must have a separate Identification Card!

Abilities: The abilities that the character has.

Disabilities: The negative abilities that the character has, i.e. easy knockback or vulnerable to fire. These include their fears.

Team Techs: Team Techs, or Team Techniques, are techniques that two, three or even four characters can use. This is usually a fusion of two or more skills. All characters required for it must use a skill in order to use it.

Known Skills: The known skills that the character has. These are things like Healing skills and Attack skills and spells. You should also add the costs the abilities have.

Limit Breaks: WEAPON NAME, Limit Break Name goes here. Only Inhumans and Keyblade Wielders can use Limit Breaks, however: they can survive five hours without a beating heart, and using a Limit Break stops their heart from beating for one hour or so. There is no way to negate this. Limit Breaks heal a small amount of HP when used as well, unless a skill or equipment prevents it. These can be used once you hit 25% of your HP.

Source Spells: The list of source spells that the character can use. So far, only Inhumans can use it, but is is currently unknown whether other races can use it as well.

RPG Stats:


Notes about Stats, Skills and Elements:
The Stat Increase is done by Stat Points, much like in the RPG of Epic Proportions. However: HP increases by 7 points for every Stat Point spent, while SMP and MP increases by 3 points for every Stat Point spent.
Unlike in the RPG of Epic Proportions, you can change your element every seven levels.
You can also change your ability every three levels, although it MUST match the Element that you have.
You also unlock a skill slot every twenty levels, until you've unlocked all six skill slots.

Notes about Equipment:
As you defeat foes in the Tournament, you obtain items as prizes. These items are generally equippable. In any case, the second post of your character's thread will be Inventory. This will be explained later on in this wall of text.
Also, if your equipment changes your Element, you will have two elements instead of one, which will be written as ELEMENT ONE / ELEMENT TWO.

About Battle Drive:
Battle Drive is a special in-battle Stat that increases as you take damage. This doesn't decrease over time, but will be reset at the start of each battle against a Battle Character or Familiar. Using Limit Breaks also reset it. When it gets reset, all power-ups are removed - and also all status effects. Healing during combat doesn't lower the Battle Drive gauge, either.
The "Battle Drive Colour" is mainly the aura that surrounds the weapons of the character.
Battle Drive ColourPower-upDamage % Needed
NoneNo effects.0 %
Green50% chance to negate a Critical Hit25 %
Olive25% less SMP or MP consumption
Speed gets increased by 5
50 %
Orangex2 Damage75 %
Redx3 Damage
SMP and MP consumption reduced by another 25%
100 %
Familiars don't have Battle Drives.

This is used for all party members who are familiars. It must follow this format, just quote the post and delete everything outside the green lines. Replace text in italics with your character's information.


Familiar Name: The name of the Familiar goes here.
Race (Class): The race of the Familiar goes here, along with it's Class. For example, if Canines are the race, the Class could be (Wolf). If the race is Feline, the Class could be (Tiger) or (Housecat). Classes are in brackets. If it's a Pokémon, then Race is its name (i.e. Pikachu) and Class is its type(s), like Electric.
Gender: The Familiar's Gender goes here. If the familiar has none, then it's Genderless.
Age: The Familiar's Age goes here.
Birthday: Familiar's birthday goes here.
Alignment: The Familiar's alignment goes here.
Abilities: Familiar's abilities goes here.
Disabilities: Disabilities that the familiar has, go here.
Known Moves: The known attacks that the Familiar can use.

Past: The past of the Familiar.

RPG Stats:


Basically, this:

quantity item name - description (stat increase) <equip status>


1x Dagger - A sharp dagger. (+3 ATK)


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Battle Tournament Characters
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