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 The Language That Is Latin

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PostSubject: The Language That Is Latin   The Language That Is Latin Icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 3:45 pm

Hi, talk about Latin in this thread.


Is there anyone good with Latin on these forums? I need some help with a sidestory of the Dragon Riders thing.
See, some of the characters in that fanfic are members of Team Justice Hearts (who are in my Cave Story mod that I have yet to work on and release the Exploration Version), for a "revival spell" for the founder of Team Justice Hearts that she uses to revive her friends who died in a mysterious house in the first chapter. The founder is Elvanian, by the way.

If someone could translate this into proper Latin (not machine translations), I'd be glad!
Quote :
Rise, rise from the dead, return to the living as undead, and become alive once more!
Retain your skin, retain your personality, and retain your previous self!
I release you from my command, as I am one with the Light, and enemy to the Dark!
By the power of Riku! By the power of Sora! By the power of Kairi! By the power of Lea! By the power of Ienzo!
Come back invulnerable to all elements, and face your true destiny!
I offer part of my blood to bring you back from the dead!
By the power of the Five Sages! I resurrect you!

Machine translation:
Quote :
Surge, surge a mortuis, sicut vita ad solem, et vivus factus iterum!
Retinere vestri tergum, retinent vestra personalitatem, et retinere tua priore ipse!
Dimittam vobis mando, ut ego cum luce, et hostes sub umbras!
Per virtutem Riku! Per virtutem Sora! Per virtutem Kairi! Per virtutem Lea! Per virtutem Ienzo!
Et revertere et invulnerabilis ad omnia elementa, et aspici vestra veram destinationem!
Partem reducere sanguinem trado a mortuis!
Quinque sapientes vi! Ego resuscitabit te!

It doesn't seem to be correct, though. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: The Language That Is Latin   The Language That Is Latin Icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 9:50 am

I would be glad to help, but translating French/Spanish into Latin is a little hard for me. Although the machine translation failed. It is nothing like the original
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The Language That Is Latin
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