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A site that was once home to a freeform RPG known as the Battle (casually taking place in Dragon Riders), but now kept for history's sake. Probably.
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 Shane's forum story

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PostSubject: Shane's forum story   Shane's forum story Icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 3:21 pm

This is a story written by everybody. Post a new chapter to contribute.

Creativity knows no rules! Except a few.
Don't screw up the story. Dont kill the main character off.
Dont disagree with something someone else says. If someone says something happened, it happened. It was not an illusion caused by Loki.

Anyways there is no current plot. So write whatever. Anyone can introduce characters and stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Shane's forum story   Shane's forum story Icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 5:49 pm

"Can I please be in the story, KarjamP?" asked PK.

"Well technically, yes, you're already are," replied KarjamP. "But it's up to the others to decide."

"Is the other characters common to The Battle going to be here as well?"

"It depends on the other people."

"Can I go to the story's world now, please?"

"Well, okay, yes, you can do - "


PK opened a portal and jumped right through.

"Well, at least he's excited," said KarjamP.

A fellow Karjamian walked by.

"Well, this is a very short chapter, KarjamP," he said. "Don't you think it should be longer? And what about the chapter title?"

"Who says it has to be long and needs a title?" KarjamP Replied.

"Well, next time, please try proofreading," The Karjamian retorted.

"You should be glad I don't get angry that quickly, fellow Karjamian."


I'm "KarjamP", with a P, not "Karjam". Razz

Shane's forum story KarjamSign
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Shane's forum story
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