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PostSubject: Darksiders   Darksiders Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2013 4:37 pm

The Darksiders are a group of anti-heroes who have manicles. They can be considered as a dark counterpart to the Dragon Riders. Instead of dragons, however, other creatures inhabit the wearer's manicles. All of the members are female, unlike the Dragon Riders, who have six males and six females as members. The Darksiders call their manicles "Dark Manicles".

Darksiders always wear gloves that cover the manicles - usually the gloves reach the wearer's elbows. Like with the Dragon Riders' manicles, fake Dark Manicles cannot exist and Dark Manicles choose the wearer. The Dark Manicles are irremovable, and only when the Dragon Rider corresponding to the Darksider dies, will the Darksider die as well - unless, of course, Shane kills the Darksider, in which case the manicle would disappear. So if Shane would die, Keira would die as well. The Dark Manicles disappear if their wearers die, and return when it has chosen the next wearer.

As with Dragon Riders, they can choose when they want to grow older on their birthdays, so if they turn 17, they can choose to stay 16 instead. Negating any of their positive (or negative) abilities that are related to the manicles will cause a coma-like state in any Darksider. If they remain in this state for longer than a week, the Dragon Riders linked to them will also end up in a coma state.

It is unknown whether the Darksiders have a base, but they all have the same uniform: black flower barrettes and a black headband, a gas mask, a black silk scarf, a black top with a black jacket, black elbow-length gloves, and black silk stockings. They all use poisoned daggers.

The 12 Darksiders are:
- Unknown (Darksider Queen - linked to Shane)
- Unknown (Darksider Princess - linked to Kim)
- Unknown (Darksider Elite - linked to Henry)
- Unknown (Darksider Elite - linked to Taia)
- Unknown (Darksider Spy - linked to Louis)
- Unknown (Darksider Spy - linked to Kira)
- Unknown (Darksider Assassin - linked to Roxas)
- Unknown (Darksider Murderess - linked to Claire)
- Unknown (Darksider Gasser - linked to Chris)
- Unknown (Darksider Chloroformer - linked to Carrie)
- Unknown (Darksider Strangler - linked to Jérèmy)
- Unknown (Darksider Asphyxiater - linked to Robyn)
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